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Universal and anchor drilling rig

Drilling rig KR 801-3GS

The compact and powerful universal and anchor drilling rig from KLEMM.

Compact, powerful and Universality.

Compact and powerful
The KR 801 defines its own class of especially compact and at the same time universally usable drilling rigs. With a 2200 mm wide oscillating crawler, the KR 801-3GS drilling rig is perfectly suited to almost all tasks in specialised foundation engineering - from easy to more challenging drilling work. Special focus lies on further development of engine output and greater delivery rate of the pumps - Power Sharing and Energy Efficiency Package "EEP".

Functional safety
The functional safety of the machine controls complies with Performance Level C (ISO 13849), making its design extremely resistant to faults and fail-safe. The ROM and SPM modes are available in the machine in accordance with EN 16228. The machine is pre-fitted for installation of a KLEMM Bohrtechnik interlocking guard.

Load-bearing kinematics assembly
The reinforced boom assembly offers the greatest possible flexibility and at the same time enough load-carrying capacity for the operation of moderately heavy drill head units of the KH and KD range in conjunction with a maximum usable rod length of 4000 mm.

Universal and practical
Matched to the respective applications, various drill masts are available. For example, masts with gear feed or with cylinder feed (recommended for HPI applications) with up to 60 kN of retraction force. The very carefully and precisely designed build of the machine base makes additional jack-ups unnecessary. This makes the set-up of the drilling rig on the next drill hole very simple and efficient.

Future-oriented mobile hydraulics
The utilisation of fuel-saving, dual pump, load-sensing hydraulics achieves an extremely efficient hydraulic supply of the respective active consumers on the drilling rig. The operation of the newest generation of rotary heads with high-pressure hydraulics and a operating pressure of 350 bar maximum is a trend-setting feature. The newly developed machine exterior trim sets new standards in ergonomics, maintainability and design.




The concept of the drillig rig is designed for versatility. A variety of options are available.


A variety of matching kits suited to the respective application is available.

Detection bores for unexploded ordnance

With a two-part gripper loader for auger drill rods, the drilling rig can be configured for detection bores.


The optional KLEMM DataLink AIR module for the transfer of machine, process and service data into the cloud.

Can be adjusted to the task at hand

  • Water pump type GAMMA 202
  • High pressure washer e.g DYNASET
  • Lubricator
  • Handling system type HBR 300 or HBR 301 for drill rods (both remote controlled)
  • Installation of a lifting winch in combination with a lateral sliding carriage
  • KLEMM drill data recording system MBS 5
  • HPI

Details and options

High-pressure grout injection equipment

The drilling rig can be fitted for high-pressure grouting, e.g. with mandrel KH 9 and high-pressure injection drill mast. The lattice extensions for the drill mast are not shown in the image.

Details and options

Equipment for detection bores

With a two-part gripper loader MAG 1.5 and a locking head on the rotary head for drill augers, the drilling rig can be equipped for detection bores for explosive ordnance recovery.

Details and options

Engine compartment

The engine compartment is easily accessible for maintenance purposes.

Details and options

Machine control

The machine control is protected but still easy to access. A colour LCD display and operator panel visualise important machine parameters and simplify use interaction.

Details and options

Radio remote control

Drilling, tramming and set-up functions can be controlled safely with radio remote control (standard). The entire machine control complies with the fail safety requirements of EN 16228.

Details and options

Control panel

Instead of the radio remote control, a control panel is available for more conventional operation.

Details and options

Component carrier

The drilling rig has a component carrier for the assembly of various optional components, e.g. for a washer and/or a compressed air lubricator. 

Details and options

Oscillating tracks frames

The drilling rig has two actively or passively oscillating crawler tracks. This makes both safe  working on uneven terrains and truck loading and unloading processes easier. 

Details and options

Central lubrication points

Lubrication lines can be brought together at central points, e.g. on the rotary head here, making regular maintenance easier.

Details and options


An interlocked guard meeting the requirements of EN 16228 is available for the drilling rig for vertical drill mast positions.

Details and options


In the vertical position, the drill mast can be pivoted along its longitudinal axis, so that drilling points can be approached to the side of the crawler tracks.

Details and options

Double head drilling unit

For maximum usability, the carriage of the double head drilling unit (here rotating/rotating) can be moved laterally out from the drill axis.

KLEMM benefits


Clear training sessions for your team. Custom-made training sessions at the KLEMM factory or in-house for your team.

On-site service

Maintenance and servicing, expert inspections and repairs by experienced staff on site.

Spare parts

Speedy processing, even in emergencies outside of normal working hours, readily available storage technology.

Complete solution

Drilling equipment and individual solutions perfectly suited to the drilling task and drilling rig, all from one source.

Technical data

Engine type

CAT C 4.4


Certified according to

EU Stage V, USA EPA Tier 4f


Rated power output

129 kW


DEF tank capacity

19 l


Fuel tank capacity

330 l


Sound power level LWAd

106 dB(A)


Full body vibration A(8)eff

< 0.5 m/s2


Hand-arm vibration A(8)eff

< 2.5 m/s2


1st circuit

150 l/min (load-sensing)


2nd circuit

150 l/min (load-sensing)


3rd circuit

25 l/min


4th circuit

20 l/min


5th circuit (optional)

40 l/min


Operating pressure max.

350 bar


Hydraulic oil tank capacity

550 l


Chassis type

Crawler oscillating tracks


Crawler components



Tractive force max.

100 kN


Crawler speed

1.6 km/h


Chain width

400 mm (3-rib)


Ground clearance

295 mm


Oscillating range

+15 / -10 deg


Ground pressure*

77 kN/m2


Drilling rig weight

12.6 t


*) Ground pressure of the machine with even weight distribution, taking the total weight into account


Type 160 / Type 160 (HPI)

Type 162-2

Type 202/8

Frame length

3,950 mm / 6,300 mm

5,500 mm

5,500 mm

Lattice mast extension (option)

- / 3,000 + 3,000 + 3,000 mm



Single pass depth (option)

13,000 mm



Feed force

25 kN

60 kN

80 kN

Retraction force

40 kN

60 kN

80 kN

Feed rate

23 m/mi

8 m/min

7 m/min

Retraction rate

16 m/min

8 m/min

7 m/min

Fast feed rate

75 m/min

51 m/min

45 m/min

Fast retraction rate

50 m/min

51 m/min

45 m/min


Rotary head*

Hydraulic drifter*

Double head*


KH 25

KD 2117

KH 25/KD 1011


*) largest possible drill heads, depending on rig configuration



Cavity filling

Cased bores for filling work in an urban environment.


Cavity filling

Cavity filling in an urban environment.


Cavity filling

Cavity filling in an urban environment.


Exploration bores

Bores for renaturation of industrial wasteland.


Pile drilling

Bores for pile foundations in built-up environments.


Cavity filling

Cavity filling in an urban environment



Underpinning on existing foundations using high-pressure grouting in a church building.


Detection bores for unexploded ordnance

Detection bores for unexploded ordnance on a section of the motorway.

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