BAUER Group of Companies

A strong organisation

The BAUER Group is a leading provider of services, equipment and products dealing with ground and ground water. The Group can rely on a worldwide network on all continents. The BAUER Group was founded in 1790 and is based in Schrobenhausen, Bavaria. In 2022, it employed about 12,000 people and achieved total Group revenues of EUR 1.7 billion worldwide. Since 1998, KLEMM Bohrtechnik has been part of the BAUER Group.


Clear benefits

The business activity of the group is split into three future-oriented sectors with a high potential for synergy: Construction, machinery and resources. As well as better known special foundation procedures, the construction sector also offers new, innovative procedures and complete foundations, excavations, diaphragm walls and subsoil improvements across the globe. As the world market leader, BAUER is the provider of the entire range of devices for specialised foundation engineering as well as for exploration, exploitation and acquisition of natural resources in the machinery sector. In the Resources sector, BAUER focuses on innovative products and services, and works with various business divisions and subsidiaries as a service provider of drilling services and well construction, environmental technologies, constructed wetlands, mining and renovations.

Sharing resources

BAUER profits greatly from the collaboration of its three business segments, enabling the Group to position itself as an innovative, highly specialized provider of products and services for demanding projects in specialist foundation engineering and related markets. BAUER therefore offers suitable solutions to the world’s greatest challenges, such as urbanization, the growing infrastructure needs, the environment, as well as water.