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KLEMM Bohrtechnik offers comprehensive customer service – throughout Germany, Europe and the world. Experienced service technicians provide rapid assistance in the event of problems, carry out equipment handovers, training, commissioning, regular maintenance and expert examinations.

Competent and experienced

Our specialists

KLEMM service technicians are specialists in the fields of hydraulics and electrics – they know KLEMM drilling rigs inside out. Furthermore, they have round-the-clock online access to all design blueprints and circuit diagrams, with the help of which problems can be rapidly isolated and solved and any necessary spare parts can be quickly procured. In the event of much more complex challenges, the specialist technical departments at our facility are on hand to provide support at all times.


Quick support, at any time

Global service

KLEMM service technicians are rapidly on site with fully-equipped service vehicles within Germany and the surrounding countries. If international support is required, KLEMM technicians are flown in or the local KLEMM partners will send their service teams. The respective dealers – KLEMM has a worldwide presence with more than 80 distribution and service sites around the globe – often keep stocks of the most frequently required consumables and spare parts, and also drilling accessories, in consignment warehouses. Anything that is not in stock is quickly sent via air freight. As a shipper certified by the German Luftfahrt Bundesamt (LBA, Federal Aviation Office), we can get your shipment sent to an aircraft quickly and easily.


We support you

Expert inspection in accordance with BGR 500 / BetrSichV

As a drill rig operator, your are responsible for providing your employees with a safe workplace according to the German health and safety at work regulations. There are numerous regulations here, from a Europe-wide level to a trade association level. A central aspect is the regular inspection of the safety of the drilling rig. For many, this is known as an "expert inspection" or a "UVV inspection" (German Accident Prevention Regulations).  According to BGR500 "Operating work materials", applicable since 2004, construction machinery must be inspected for occupational safety at least once a year.

During this inspection, the occupational safety of your drilling rig is checked and assessed. Potential shortcomings are remedied upon consultation. The expert inspection must only be carried out by proficient, trained and qualified personnel. As defined by the German health and safety at work regulations, qualified personnel are persons who possess the necessary technical knowledge to inspect working materials due to their professional training, experience and recent activity. The inspection result is documented on the machine with an inspection plate. 

Our qualified experts offer you this service – included in a service job or on request. If you wish, we can remind you of the mandatory periodic inspections. This means you can stop your machinery being subjected to a decommissioning by the authorities due to defective or missed expert inspections, or avoid technically preventable accidents. 

Lifelong and cost-efficient

Complete overhaul

Mechanical, electronic and hydraulic components of your drilling rig are designed for thousands of operating hours. However, they are subject to constant wear over time. Achieve improved cost efficiency for your drilling rig and have it completely overhauled in our repairs department for a second lease of life, or have individual components serviced. After a thorough check of your machine, we will give you a quote for a repair which we can adjust to your individual wishes. Anything is possible, from replacing the basic components to a new coat of paint. We give highest priority to proper performance of the inspection, implementation of the best and most economical solution, and on-time completion. Afterwards, the machine and drill drive are ready for serious use again.

Individual provisions


The day to day work of your drilling rig can be extremely tough and strenuous - demanding 24/7 jobs are not uncommon. Avoid expensive idle times on the site and thus high financial losses by making the most of our maintenance service. Because incomplete or defective maintenance of your units can lead to serious damages or failures.

Regular, properly performed maintenance guarantees that your drilling rig is ready for us and provides "insurance" for the success of your business. We are happy to develop an individual precautionary strategy together with you. 



Harsh conditions

Years of working on construction sites with several thousand operating hours are a big challenge for even the most robust drilling rig.


Harsh conditions

Regular maintenance and repairs ensure operational availability.

Our service

Complete overhaul

A complete overhaul is often the more obvious and financially smart alternative to buying a new machine. 

Our service

Complete overhaul

The machine is completely taken apart and refurbished in our factory. We replace damaged or worn components - all closely coordinated with our customers.

Our service

Ready to go for the next use

Once all maintenance and servicing measures have been completed, your drilling rig is ready to use again - with a guarantee on the work carried out, if desired. Here is a KR 806-5F, built in 2013, freshly finished and with a brand new hydraulic drifter.

Do you need support? 

Please use our service hotline +49 2761 705-222 or send an e-mail to You are also welcome to contact our SERVICE staff directly: