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Universal and anchor drilling rig

Drilling rig KR 909-2

The KR 909-2 is a powerful yet simple structured drilling rig. With tried and tested KLEMM additional components, it can be adapted for a variety of tasks quickly and easily. It is designed for countries with non sulphur-free fuel and for countries outside of the EU and US/EPA.

Powerful, straightforward and quickly convertible - for all standard applications in specialised foundation engineering.

Compact and powerful
The KR 909-2 is a compact and powerful machine which can be easily adapted to a variety of tasks with reliable KLEMM additional components.

Suitable for non sulphur-free fuel
The diesel engine is certified in accordance with emissions standards EU Stage IIIA, USA EPA TIER 3. This drilling rig continues to be part of the KLEMM product range (on request) since there are areas outside of the EU and USA/EPA regulatory zone where the current engine-related requirements for the fuel to be free of sulphur can not or not yet be met. 

Robust technology
The drilling rig type KR 909-2 has a 129 kW engine power and a dual-circuit load-sensing main pump system. All available crill heads are designed for the same pressure range, so that conversion to other drilling procedures and drill heads is easy, without having to interfere with the machine hydraulics. Simultaneous operation of a heavy hydraulic drifter with a flushing pump, or operation of a double-head drilling system, for example, are possible with the installed engine power.

Remote control
Drilling and tramming functions are controlled and operated by a radio remote control. This frees up the operator to choose where they want to work from, as a perfect view of all working processes is guaranteed. Wired remote control can optionally be retrofitted. Large, easy-to-read manometers provide information on the status of the drilling process. Set-up functions are directly controlled by the hydraulics; they are found on the base machine. A reserve control for drilling functions is available as standard from the factory.

Universal mast
The mast, with an increased cross section and hydraulic feed cylinder, provides a retraction force of 97 kN. This is the basis for all equipment configurations, whether for anchor drilling or for high-pressure injection drilling (HPI).

Modular, prepared for any case
Basic machine and drill mast have a modular structure for defined KLEMM components. Without changes to the mechanical assemblies, controls or hydraulics, changing to another drilling system is very easy and quick to carry out. A variety of standard applications are covered with this modularity, e.g.

  • Anchor drilling with common drilling methods such as rotary drilling, auger drilling, rotary percussive drilling, overburden drilling with hydraulic drifter and double rod, double-head drilling with two independent drill heads
  • Micropile drilling, uncased or cased, e.g. with the rotary duplex method
  • Soil nailing and uplift anchor drilling
  • High-pressure injections for installing columns, foundations, or underpinnings with rotary drilling methods
  • Soil exploration

Safe operation
The required drilling spots can be reached practice-orientated thanks to the optimised kinematics, while the design guarantees safe operation in all configurations, without additional jack-ups.



For all standard work in specialised foundation engineering.


Simple structure, components designed for hard use on the construction site.


Pre-defined KLEMM components for all procedures, the simplest conversion. It all fits together.


Attractive price thanks to simplified structure. Long-lasting thanks to proven KLEMM quality.

Can be adjusted to the task at hand

  • Lateral sliding carriage (for single drill heads)
  • Second slewing cylinder
  • Cathead with lifting winch 10 kN, cable lead-off 375 mm or 800 mm, remote-controlled
  • Pre-equipment for rod handling system HBR 300 or HBR 301
  • Radio remote control for drilling and tramming functions
  • HPI equipment including drill data recording system KLEMM MBS 5
  • Light rod loader with hydraulic manipulator MAG 2.5
  • High-speed rotary head and special lifting winch for wire-line core drilling

Details and options

Boom kinematics

Robust boom kinematics for anchor and vertical positions of the drill mast

Details and options

Component carrier

Component carrier for additional components such as water pump, compressed air lubricator and multi-channel flushing equipment

Details and options

Radio remote control

For the operation of all tramming and drilling functions (Standard)

Details and options


Large manometers for good readability

Details and options

Machine control

Machine control with screen and touch-input

Details and options

Central lubrication points

Simplified maintenance routine thanks to compiled lubrication points

Details and options

Engine compartment

Engine, pumps, cooler etc. are easily accessible.

Details and options

Rod loader MAG 2.1

The MAG 2.1 rod loader with hydraulic rod manipulator has been designed for double rods.

Details and options

Double-head drilling system

The drilling rig can be fitted with a double-head drilling system.

Details and options

Special lifting winch

Cathead and special lifting winch for wire-line core drilling (300 m rope length)

Details and options

High-speed rotary head

Rotary head with particularly high speeds for wire-line core drilling work, on laterally sliding carriage

KLEMM benefits


Clear training sessions for your team. Custom-made training sessions at the Klemm factory or in-house for your team.

On-site service

Maintenance and servicing, expert inspections and repairs by experienced staff on site.

Spare parts

Speedy processing, even in emergencies outside of normal working hours, readily available storage technology.

Complete solution

Drilling equipment and individual solutions perfectly suited to the drilling task and drilling rig, all from one source.

Technical data

Engine type

TCD 2013 L4


Certified according to

EU Stage IIIA, EPA Tier 3


Rated power output

129 kW


Fuel tank capacity

400 l


Sound power level LWAd

115 dB(A)


Full body vibration A(8)ef

< 0.5 m/s2


Hand-arm vibration A(8)eff

< 2.5 m/s2


1st circuit

150 l/min (load-sensing)


2nd circuit

150 l/min (load-sensing)


3rd circuit

30 l/min


4th circuit

20 l/min


5th circuit (optional)

20 l/min


System pressure max.

250 bar


Hydraulic tank capacity

500 l


Chassis type

fixed undercarriage


Crawler components



Tractive force max.

110 kN


Crawler speed

2.4 km/h


Chain width

400 mm (3-rib)


Ground clearance

350 mm


Total width

2.280 mm


Ground pressure*

63 kN/m2



13 t


*) Ground pressure of the machine with even weight distribution, taking the total weight into account


Type 305


Frame length

6,600 mm


Feed force

50 kN


Retraction force

95 kN


Feed rate

15 m/min


Retraction rate

7 m/min


Fast feed rate

78 m/min


Fast retraction rate

40 m/min


Rod loader (optional)

Type MAG 2.5


Effective rod length

3,000 mm


Rod payload

460 kg


Capacity (Mag. + Drill mast)

(3+1)x Ø152, (4+1)x Ø108, Ø114, Ø133, (5+1)x Ø89, Ø101


Rotary head*

Hydraulic drifter*

Double head*


KH 27

KD 1624

KH 13 / KH 9, KH 13 / KD 1011


*) medium pressure, largest possible drill heads, depending on rig configuration







Dam rehibiltation

Dam sealing with cement injection through sleeve pipes (tube a manchette)


Injection drilling (HPI)







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