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Vertical drilling rig for confined spaces

Drilling rig KR 704-2E

The compact, electric vertical drilling rig for specialised foundation engineering in extremely tight spaces. With a telescopic drill mast and laterally movable upper carriage for optimum space utilization.

Compactness, performance and versatility.

Working free of emissions
The small, electric drilling rig KR 704-2E has been designed especially for working in confined spaces in urban environments. It allows you to work completely free of exhaust gas emissions and produce only very limited noise emissions.

Versatile applications
With a minimum basic rig width of 750 mm and the option to use telescopic drill masts, the drilling rig can manoeuvre in buildings with narrow doorways and low headrooms. This means that specialised foundation work can be performed even under difficult conditions, especially with the  drill mast positioned vertically, e.g. micropiles and underpinnings of existing foundations using high-pressure injection columns.

Safe operation
The radio remote control of the drilling rig for all drilling, driving and set-up functions is in accordance with EN 16228. It allows the operator to decide where they want to stand during the drilling process. This is an important safety feature, especially in tight spaces. 

Low headroom
You can make optimum use of low headrooms of 2.2m to 3.2m (or optionally 2.5m to 3.5m) by means of a telescopic drill mast. Drill rods and casings with an effective length of 1500 mm (or 2000 mm) can be used. The telescopic drill mast has a retraction force of 60 kN.

Sliding upper carriage
The hydraulic sliding upper carriage is a special feature of this drilling rig. From the supported position, a drilling position can be approached more easily and carefully.


Ideal for very cramped spaces

Underpinning, micropiles, injection and uplift anchors in very confined spaces.


The drilling rig facilitates various configurations of the drill system, and the drill mast design.

Electric main drive

The electro-hydraulic drilling rig has a 45 kW electric motor. This enables exhaust gas-free operation.


The optional KLEMM DataLink Air module for the transfer of machine, process and service data into the cloud.

Can be adjusted to the task at hand

Telescopic drill mast and modular drill mast kit

  • Lateral sliding of the upper carriage
  • Interlocking movable guard (EN 16228)
  • Radio remote control and load-sensing hydraulics
  • Cable winch up to 10 kN tractive force and cathead
  • Hydraulic clamping device for drilling pipes up to max. ø 356 mm
  • Hydraulic clamping and breaking device for drilling pipes up to max. ø 254 mm
  • High-pressure injection equipment for one-, two- and three-phase systems

Details and options

Telescopic crawler type

In this image, the chassis is fully retracted. The drilling rig can be equipped with a clamping device for diameters of up to 354 mm.

Details and options

Telescopic crawler type

In this image, the chassis is fully extended.

Details and options

Machine control

The entire machine control is easily accessible. The readability is supported by an LCD colour display, intended for inputs.

Details and options

Radio remote control

The drilling rig can be operated from a safe distance using radio remote control for all drilling, driving and set-up functions.

Details and options

Upper carriage zoom

The sliding upper carriage enables precise positioning of the drill mast from the supported position of the drilling rig.

Details and options


Removable hydraulic supports can be found on the rear of the drilling rig. The detachable supports improve the stability of the rig when drilling.

Details and options


The drilling rig can be equipped with a interlocked movable guard in accordance with EN 16228.

KLEMM benefits


Clear training sessions for your team.
Custom-made training sessions at the Klemm factory or in-house for your team.

On-site service

Maintenance and servicing, expert inspections and repairs by experienced staff on site.

Spare parts

Speedy processing, even in emergencies outside of normal working hours, readily available storage technology.

Complete solution

Drilling equipment and individual solutions perfectly suited to the drilling task and drilling rig, all from one source.

Technical data

Motor type

Siemens (electric)


Motor power

45 kW


Electrical connection

400 V~; 50 or 60 Hz; 125 A


Sound power level LWAd

99 dB(A)


Full body vibration A(8)eff

< 0,5 m/s2


Hand-arm vibration A(8)eff

< 2,5 m/s2


1st circuit

150 l/min (variable)


2nd circuit

20 l/min


Operating pressure max.

350 bar


Hydraulic oil tank capacity

200 l


Chassis type

telescopic crawler


Total width

750 - 1,250 mm


Crawler components



Tractive force max.

40 kN


Crawler speed

1.8 km/h


Chain width

200 mm (2-rib)


Ground clearance

210 mm



20 deg


Ground pressure*

91 kN/m2


Drilling rig weight

5.2 t


*) Ground pressure of the machine with even weight distribution taking the total weight into account


Type 164

Type 160 (HPI)


Frame length

2,390 mm

3,950 mm


Lattice mast extension (option)


2,000 + 1,000 mm


Single pass depth (option)


5,550 mm


Feed force

40 kN

25 kN


Retraction force

60 kN

40 kN


Feed rate

13 m/min

19 m/min


Retraction rate

8 m/min

13 m/min


Fast feed rate

64 m/min

75 m/min


Fast retraction rate

39 m/min

50 m/min


Rotary heads*

Hydraulic drifters*


KH 25

KD 1108


*) largest possible drill heads, depending on rig configuration




Thanks to its compactness, the drilling rig can be used very close to existing walls and foundations.


High-pressure injection

KR 704-2E with HPI equipment, such as KLEMM KH 9SK and MBS 5



Thanks to its compactness, the drilling rig can be used very close to existing walls and foundations.

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